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Founded in 2017, Sharp Construction, LLC, is a Commercial General Contractor and Certified Women's Business Enterprise.




Our mission is to deliver our work with the highest of quality, on time, and under budget while creating the most value for our customers. Our commitment to our mission is to always strive for continuous improvements, push the barriers in sustainability, and lead our people with a culture that is focused on honesty, integrity, safety, and professionalism.

1. Best in Class Service & Product

2. Best in Class Safety

3. Reduce Waste

4. Process Improvement

5. Training & Skills Enhancement

6. Innovation

7. Consistent Results

8. Accountability for Success


We are committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.


We consistently deliver on our promises and make the building experience understandable and enjoyable for every client. Our process is about moving all parties forward toward a shared goal: an extraordinary project that is well built and enjoyed in the years to come by you and your community. We believe that strong client relationships come from working with smart people you know (and like), and that’s why we only hire and retain the best talent. Every Sharp employee is 100% committed to your project.

Sharp Execution


Project Management Approach & Team Organization

We are firm believers that you can’t manage a project from a desk. We get out and get our hands dirty. Getting out in the field with project teams helps to ensure that our data is accurate, that our schedules are tight, and that our teams are communicating effectively. We understand the numbers behind time, budget, scope, and productivity; we also understand the importance of the actual work behind the scenes that makes those numbers real. 

We act as the servant leaders in which we are the servant first. We are the voice of the team and responsible for assuring that EVERYONE on the team has all the correct information at the right time so that decisions can be made quickly. Communication is the largest ingredient of what we do. We ensure that our team receives the proper leadership, communication, and team-building training they require to be high-performing teams.

Project Team Coordination

Our project team is available to the customer team, contractors, and suppliers for the duration of the project. We utilize the Integrated Project Delivery model in all our projects which ensures full alignment, coordination, and partnership with all our trades, suppliers, designers, and customers.

Team Interactions 

Sharp encourages an integrated team atmosphere to bring about collaborative thinking and brainstorming. Collaboration is our view of success. Sharp’s team will work very closely with the project team and Consultants on this project to drive it to its ultimate success and continue a lasting partnership for projects in the future. Sharp creates a “win, win, win” atmosphere.

Project Management Methods & Tools 

The web-based project management software that is utilized is accessible via the internet to the entire project team from laptops, tablets, and smart phones. This software manages Contracts, Trade Engagement, a Project Directory, Estimation, Purchasing, Budgeting, Scheduling, Bidding, Document Control, RFI’s, Submittals, Punch, Collaboration, Photos, Specifications, and Drawings. The interface is very user friendly. Our staff is highly skilled with optimizing the software and would be happy to provide a training session to the rest of the team.

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